Apple of Their Profiles. DotCom Babies!

WSJ Julie Jargon reports “Co-Parenting Sites Skip Love and Marriage, Go Right To The Baby Carriage” Online Updated January 7, 2020

Subscription-based websites, and are helping match those wanting procreation and childrearing “but not necessarily romance”. For some, this type of service seems like a “natural progression” from online dating and single parenthood as it is “harder than ever to meet anyone the old-fashioned way”. Time spent developing careers, the high cost of living and restrictions regarding office romance are potential factors causing women and men delays in selecting suitable mates for procreation and child rearing. Since 2012, PollenTree’s estimated 90,000 members have yielded 500 newborns using natural conception, in-vitro-fertilization or intrauterine insemination. For more detail read the article