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All Things Must Pass-Streak Ends at 54 As Westlake Falls to GP North Shore 49-34 in the 6A Semifinal

Texas High School Football-As reported by GP North Shore outmuscled Westlake 49-34 at Rice Stadium in the Texas 6A Semi-Final on Saturday December 10th 2022. See below or swipe for some favorite shots by RM2244.COM of Westlake's 2022 season.

#33 Jack Kayser finds a hole to score

#33 Jack Kayser breaks free with the help of great blocking

Westlake Marching Band enters Chap Stadium. There's much more than football to these great events on Friday night.

Team pre-game meditation

Team rushing on the field with the support of Westlake Cheer

It's a block and tackle world

Jaden Greathouse for the score




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