A Real Oasis

We all hear about an Oasis in the desert and the potential for mirages hoping for an Oasis. Here's an image of a real Oasis in Ubari, Libya. According to wikipedia.org "Ubari is a Tuareg Berber-speaking oasis town and the capital of the Wadi Al Hayaa District, in the Fezzan region of southwestern Libya. It is in the Idehan Ubari, a Libyan section of the Sahara desert." Elevation is 1,535 feet with a population in 2009 of 35,000 and is considered "one of the sunniest and driest areas in the world...with [rainfall] of only 0.31 inch and many decades may easily pass without seeing any rainfall..." Cloudless skies almost always with an average high temperatures exceed 104°F from June to September." Photo credit u/rockystl r/NatureIsFuckingLit i.redd.it