52 Years and "Still A Young Man"-Tower of Power at One World Theatre Friday December 13

Since their 1968 founding in Oakland, Tower of Power or TOP has been belting out "best in class" Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz and Jazz funk. Friday night, this 11 member group, led by founding member Emilio Castillo, instrumentally filled One World Theatre (OWT) with impressive and properly balanced volume, tonal quality and precision timing. "Loose but Tight!" TOP behind Memphis-born vocalist Marcus Scott covered the Soul/Funk/R&B/Jazz spectrum singing newer tracks and old-time favorites. Lots of personality from Marcus and Emilio keeping audience members dancing and singing-along.

TOP hitting it.

Marcus, who joined TOP in 2016, is a rising star but while listening I kept thinking "Living for the City", I want to hear Marcus sing Stevie's classic "Living for the City". An extended encore version! He would "nail it"!

Emilio Castillo (Left) and Marcus Scott (Right)

Anything enduring has a strong foundation. "Your're still a young man, baby. Whoo-ooh, don't waste your time.." certainly a TOP cornerstone lit up OWT. Suggestion. Get with your SO, turn down the lights and turn-it-up! More on TOP at: https://www.towerofpower.com

Current TOP set list see: https://www.setlist.fm