26M or 52% of Young Staying at Parent's Home Length of Stay-Uncertain "taking it as it comes"

Time September 21/September 28, 2020 pp16 |The Brief News| Good Question| “How many young adults moved home amid the pandemic”

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Summary of Article

No surprise but what was already trending up pre-pandemic has hit an all-time high of 52% young people, 18- to 29-year old, that are now living at home up from just 22% in 1960 and 44% in 2010. COVID bumped this percentage from 47% end of 2019, to 49% in March and 52% May through June. As always, “money also seems to have played a big part in young people’s decisions, as young Americans have shouldered some of the worst financial impacts of the pandemic.” Up to 40% have lost jobs or taken pay-cuts in the period April and May.

Mieka Van Scoyoc, “a 27-year-old ad copywriter” was profiled. Once living in NYC, although she retained her job, not being required to "in-office" during the pandemic she felt more comfortable working remotely at her parent’s North Carolina home rather than in the small NYC apartment inhabited by a roommate as well. Given all the uncertainty now she notes “It does seem like it’s not really worthwhile to try to make plans in the face of this…I’m just kind of taking it as it comes.”