2020 Crystal Ball. DT, JB, S&P500 Probability "The Economist" "What are the odds?"

“The Economist” reports “What are the odds” “Graphic detail Predicting 2020”

The Economist January 4th 2020 pp65

Using models and markets, percentages from Very Unlikely (10%), Unlikely (30%), Evens (50%), Likely (70%), Very likely (90%+), “The Economist” while admitting “prediction is difficult…especially about the future”, conclude that “The wisdom of markets and models suggests a tumultuous year ahead”. See the one-pager to validate your thoughts on, among more than 20 predictions, likelihood that; DT stays in office and is re-elected, that Biden is nominated, and that the S&P 500 ends 2020 at least 10% down. Online https://www.economist.com/node/21777553?frsc=dg%7Ce