2019 Novel Coronavirus "2019-nCov" Identified in America

Above an Electron micrograph of a human coronavirus 229E, not 2019nCov.

The first American patient confirmed-infected by the Novel Coronavirus (2091nCov) has been identified. So far, in China 300 patients have been confirmed-infected resulting in mostly mild illiness with the exception of four deaths. Airports in America and elsewhere are screening incoming patients from the Wuhan area. The disease has also been reported in Thailand, Japan and South Korea. The CDC, using rRT-PCR testing are the only group able and authorized to confirm infections.

Coronavirus is an RNA virus transmitting mostly from animal to animal but rarely, as with 2019-mCov, evolves into transmission from animal to human and then human to human. Human to human transmission may be occuring but details are emerging still. Go to https://www.cdc.gov for ongoing updates.