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Boost your Austin area business or national brand by advertising to the Austin Westlake community through RM2244.COM.  RM2244.COM is a business directory listing more than 1,400 businesses and organizations located on or near Texas RM2244 a key transportation corridor linking TX1, TX360 and TX71.  RM2244.COM also lists and serves businesses that provide products or services to the RM2244 area but may have phyical locations away from the Texas RM2244 transportation corridor.  An introductory "Journal Header" the one and only premium advert has a 2024 starting rate of $1,000 for the next twelve calendar months.   Feel free to learn more by EMAIL at or by texting "Advertise On RM2244.COM" at 512-965-2466.

Premium Advert on The Journal of RM2244.COM

  • By "ordering" this service RM2244 will contact you to coordinate a basic advertisement or to upgrade to create a higher profile.

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