About 2244

2244, https://rm2244.com, is an emerging web-presence focused on covering “What Inspires You?” here in the communities surrounding RM2244 (Austin, TX) nearby RM2244, and beyond*.  2244 includes a directory of businesses and organizations on or near RM2244, and features pages sharing original** content especially your submissions in the following categories.  

1) The Arts-Art, Music, Video, 5Types of Writing.  (Indexed as Art)

2) Children's Art-Art, Music, Video, 5Types of Writing by Children or for Children (Indexed as Children's Programs)

3) Cats, Dogs, Pets and Wildlife (Indexed as Pets)

4) Fitness and Sport (Indexed as Sports)

5) Inspired (Indexed as Inspired)

6) Social-What's happening at your Church or Club (Indexed as Social)

7) News-Timely information about the 2244 area (Indexed as News)

8) Journal Club-Your abstracts of journal papers, magazine articles or books (Indexed as Reading List)

9) Weddings-Share your friendship, engagement, wedding or anniversary stories (Indexed as Weddings)

10) Jobs Page (Contact 2244 at INFO@RM2244.COM prior to submitting.  Nominal Fee)

11) Share "What Inspires You?".  (Complete form to submit content for any of the areas mentioned above).

Notes: 2244 is non-anonymous (submissions must include your name and zip code).  All submissions are reviewed by the editorial staff to properly classify and to restrict graphic content.  Submitted content will not otherwise be edited.  See Submission Guidelines for details.  Subscription is required for submissions but provided without charge.  Pleaes join us in sharing "What Inspires You"?

* Except for "News" submissions will be accepted regardless of address zip code.  In heavy demand, preference will be given to local zip codes first.  Content will remain on RM2244.COM as long as possible.  

** Content must originate from you.  For Journal Club, your abstract is considered original.  Graphics, tables etc. from the cited work are allowed if permitted by the publisher.