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The Joy Of Steve Miller-ACL Live

Around Austin-ACL Live Monday September 19th 2022 The Steve Miller Band puts down on tape many of. their greatest hits-including Fly Like An Eagle, Serenade, Jet Airliner, Jungle Love, Swingtown, Space Cowboy, Abracadabra, Take The Money and Run, Rock 'N Me, Living in the USA, The Joker and more. Between tunes, Steve told stories about his musical upbringing, Les Paul his Godfather and his guitars. This was a fun show and the audience didn't need much prompting to sing along for example "...You're the cutest thing that I ever did see I really love your peaches wanna shake your tree, lovey, dovey, lovey, dovey, all the time..." Steve was backed wonderfully by longtime band members Kenny Lee Lewis (Bass), Joesph Wooten (Keyboards), Jacob Petersen (Guitar) and recent addition Ron Wikso (Drums). If you want a really fun night don't miss his last Austin show tonight at ACL Live.


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