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Tattoos Are Popular with Millennials, Branded Tattoo Numbing Cream Doesn't Hurt!

Glimpse “Tattoo Numbing Cream” “Online Popularity”

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Summary Offered by 2244

Online popularity, online searches, about Tattoo Numbing Cream increase progressively from 2017 to 2020 and since have risen sharply.

What is causing this rise in online searches for Tattoo Numbing Cream (TNC)?

First, TNC “reduces the pain barrier to getting tattoos” clearly a plus overall for the population seeking tattoos. TNCs also help the salons because customers are less likely to “ask their tattoo artist to take a break because it hurts too much.” This speeds the process and reduces negative reviews of their service.

Possibly unknown to most but “tattoos are more popular than many people think” especially amongst millennials as “nearly half have them.”

TNCs usually have lidocaine as the active topical anesthetic but their “rising popularity”...may come “from branding.” “This is especially important in health”...[as]...”branding assures the buyer that they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for, not doing a DIY hack.”


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