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Class in Session as Judson High "Schools" Westlake's Lady Chaps

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Texas Girls High School Basketball-Westlake Head Coach Vickie Benson instructs her Lady Chaps to get "hands-up" up to improve defense versus Judson High. The visiting Judson High (Ranked 99th in Texas) started three seniors, a talented sophomore and a talented freshman. Judson (Converse, Texas) confidently competed with noticeable energy and skill on defense and offense. The relatively young Chaps (Ranked 294th in Texas) trailed 7-11 at the end of the first quarter and then faced at 18-5 barrage before ending the half 13-25. The final score was Judson Rockets (13-10) 58 Westlake Chaparrals (10-9, 5-0 In District) 37. Judson averages 51.6 PPG and Westlake averages 43.7 PPG. The Chaps will face the Austin High Maroons (Ranked 29th in Texas are 18-3, 5-0 In District) on Al Bennett court Friday December 30th 2:30 PM. The Maroons average 53.7 PPG while giving up only 39.7 PPG. See below or swipe for snapshots of the first half action.

#50 Kennedy Cannon controlled the tip

#3 Gianna Angiolet launches a three against "hand-up" charging defense by Judson. #15 from Judson starting to block out #25 Emerson Davis.

#23 Illana Liverpool is forced into a trap at the half court and left sideline. See below or swipe as she gets out but then competes to retain possession.

#23 Illana Liverpool battles to retain possession as she spun out of a sideline half court trap against Judson High's competitive defense.

#3 Gianna Angiolet's right side layup is defended "hands-up" by Judson High's #4

Judson High had many offensive rebounds in the first half.

#12 Bella Hesse finds baseline access coming from the left side well-defended by Judson leading to out-of-bounds Westlake ball.

Judson High gets in defensive-board position on a Westlake attempt.

Judson high penetrates for an easy hoop.

Judson high penetrates for an easy layup.

#12 Bella Hesse's three point attempt is aggressively defended

#50 Kennedy Cannon with the layup against defensive pressure by a Judson defender.


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