China: US Divided, Incompetent, Self-Centered & Conspiring to Slowdown China Rather than Compete

The Economist November 7th, 2020 |China|Chaguan|How China sees America| “Nothing will change China’s view: America is bent on blocking its rise”

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Key Points

· Sr. Chinese official-China does not care who sits in the White House. This is characterized as part “Bravado” and part not wanting to give credence to the idea that “voters might hold world leaders to account”. China wants better relations with the U.S. but given the past and “present-day tensions” reversing this will be difficult.

· Americans are viewed as “self-centered and judgmental” and are struggling to accept the rise of the Chinese-“a diligent, studious people.” “The U.S. has to answer this question: can the U.S. or the Western world accept or respect the rise of China?”

· Biden and Xi are familiar as they were both Vice Presidents. Biden is viewed as centrist being closer to American businesses that prefer better relations. “But struggle with America is seen as unavoidable.”

· The 2020 election was followed more closely than usual by the Chinese public. “But many watched with more scorn that envy.” “Three events changed the mood” namely the arrest of Huawei’s boss Meng Wanzhou by Canada on behalf of America, American support for Hong Kong protests and the failure of America to contain COVID essentially demonstrating American’s self-centeredness and pluralism versus China’s success in controlling the pandemic with public compliance using “strict health controls.”

· Chairman Rabbit, real name Ren Yi, “a Harvard-educated Chinese blogger” having 1.7M followers on Chinese social media platform Weibo, is quoted that he thinks of U.S. “politics as a huge conspiracy to keep China down.” America now divided with many being anti-intellectual and anti-science has many Chinese wondering if the U.S. is still competitive. “American gridlock would be win for China.