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Austin-Round Rock & Other Labor Force Data for June 2022-From Texas Workforce Commission

Around Austin-Business. Data from shows that that Austin-Round Rock (ARR) umemployment rate was 3.1% in June 2022 down from 4.5% in June 2021 but up slightly from 2.7% in May 2022. ARR at 3.1% has lower unemployment than 4.4% for Texas overall, 3.7-3.9% for Dallas Metro Areas, 4.8% for Houston, 4.0% for San Antonio/New Braunfels and 4.0% in Waco. The USA rate is 3.8%.

For Texas, a 2022 record of 82,500 non-farm jobs were added in June 2022 bringing the workforce employed to a all-time record of 13,431,100 out of the total eligible workforce of 14,500,000. 778,000 jobs were added since June 2021.

Of eleven industry segments nine experienced growth in June 2022. Leading were Education and Health Services with 27,900 followed by Hospitality and Leisure with 12,700 and Trade-Transportation-and Utilities with 11,400. The highest percentage growth (MOM) was the Information Industry at 3.6% or 8,100 jobs.

Texas has 630,000 employers and 3,000,000 small businesses.


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