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Austin Charitable Foundations

From Austin Business Journal November 11th-17th 2022 pp84. "The List Charitable Foundations Ranked by Dollar Amount of Grants Paid During 2020." Showing below the Top 10 ranked by dollar amount of grants paid. Also include the amount of revenue in 2020.

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation $120M paid/$225M revenue ($120M/225M)

St. David's Foundation ($62M/$139M)

Austin Community Foundation ($41M/$74M)

Elon Musk Foundation musk ($23M/$16M)

Texas Access to Justice Foundation ($15M/$14.5M)

Still Water Foundation ($6M/$7.8M)

Effie and Wofford Cain Foundation ($5.5M/$4.4M)

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation Austin ($5.2M/$5.4M)

Georgetown Health Foundation ($3.8M/$7M)

Topfer Family Foundation ($3.1M/$2.3M)


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