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2244 Business Directory

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Scroll on the menu bar to your category of interest. Listed below are the 60 categories for the nearly 1,500 businesses along RM2244 from the Hill Country Galleria on TX-71 to IHOP on TX-1 MOPAC

Accounting&Tax, Acupuncture, Air Conditioning & Heating, Apparel, Architect, Automotive,

Bakery, Banking, Ballet&Dance, Barber, Beauty Salon, Business Consulting,

Child Care, Church, Chiropractor, Coffee, Construction, Counseling,

Dentistry, Dessert, Dry Cleaning,

E-commerce, Energy, Engineering, Eye Care, Eye Lash Salon,

Financial Consultant, Fitness,

Health, Hospital, Hotel, Housing, Human Resources,

Information Technology, Insurance, Interior Design, Investment,



Landscape&Yard Service, Law,

Market, Marketing, Massage Therapy, Mortgage, Music Instruction,

Nail Salon,

Office Supplies, Oil&Gas, Other Unspecified,

Pet, Pharmacy,

Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail,

School, Security,

Theatre or Event Venue, Travel and Tutor.


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