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2244 5,000th Post

2244 "What Inspires You?" Hits 5,000th Post

Around Austin-Moon Set 0700 Sunday June 27th 2021 as viewed looking West from the RM2244 area.

Besides 2244's Home Page and Business Directory there are 14 other pages focusing on different topics from Art, Children's, Pets, Sports, Government, Inspired, Jobs, Journal Club, News, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Social, Valentines, and Weddings. Click on a page to see the most recent postings, click on flags to see a complete journal of related items or use the search function to see what we've covered relating to that specific topic in our first 5,000 posts.

2244 "What Inpires You?" is an edited blog covering local and beyond with a vision to inspire and inform.

Let us know your thoughts on what you see and what you would like to see or how 2244 can be more helpful for you, your community or business let us know by EMAIL at


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